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Excellent rhinoplasty - surgery went very well & recovery as expected

Our experience with Dr. Tamplen was excellent. His staff at the office is courteous, efficient and very responsive, especially his MA. The staff at the outpatient surgery center was excellent and courteous. The surgery went very well and recovery was as expected. I would highly recommend Dr. Tamplen.


I can breathe better and my nose is more aesthetically pleasing

I was fortunate to have met Dr. Tamplen through a coworker of mine that he performed a septorhinoplasty on. I was in awe of the results. Personally I was very skeptical about potential outcomes of my own septorhinoplasty because I have a masculine face but have always disliked the shape of my nose. Dr. Tamplen addressed all of my concerns pre, and post op...


My face just looks prettier and cleaner - scar is so tiny

Dr. Tamplen is incredibly skilled. When I was curious about rhinoplasty, he and his team responded to me within 24 hours. He personally set aside time in the evening to address all of my concerns and requests. He was the first and only doctor to give me such attention, which made me feel like I was in good hands. He did an absolutely amazing job...


Rhinoplasty and Facelift - New neck line

I started out not even having a surgery in mind until i did. Unfortunately i have to get my nose done and lost all my cartilage so Matthew put is back incredible its so beautiful. I also had a facelift as well. I never thought i could wear a necklace with showing my old neck! Not anymore it lay down on a new neck line. Very nice. I do recommend him he does now what he is doing.


Wanted a very natural looking nose that was harmonious with my face

I’m obsessed with my results. Dr Tamplen answered all my questions and concerns. I told him I wanted a very natural looking nose that was harmonious with my face and he delivered!!! His team was also very welcoming and it was a pleasure meeting them all. My friends and family also love my results and ask who my doctor was lol. 10/10 recommend!


The McGuyver of Reconstructive Rhinoplasty

I am so thankful I found Dr. Tamplen. Not only was I unhappy with the aesthetic of my nose, but my septum was severley deviated due to numerous impacts over the years. I met with 6 other surgeons and was about to give up. I was told that my nose would need a rib graph and it would look bigger after surgery (and who wants that!)...


Super Result

I would give Dr Matthew Tamplen five stars, and would recommend him to anyone considering any facial surgery. Besides being a very skilled surgeon with an artistic sensibility, Dr Tamplen is personable, encouraging, reassuring, and accommodating. He explained the process clearly and answered all my questions, both in person and on the phone...


The Nose/breath Upgrade

Living a rough and tumble life gave me several broken noses and learning about the importance of nose breathing and how dangerous snoring/sleep apnea can be I decided to take care of my surgery while still I’m still youngish 40. Dr. Tamplin and the team did an excellent job and I’ve never breathed better. I will say surgery is no walk in the park but it was undeniably worth it for me.


Perfection! I am amazed at the results

I received a septorhinoplasty and am amazed at the results! It has been a little less than two weeks since my surgery and my nose looks perfect! I am able to breathe better, smell better, and feel more confident. After my surgery, I had minimal bruising and only a little swelling. I am so impressed by Dr. Tamplen and his team...


Fantastic Experience and Results - I had a rhinoplasty, septoplasty, and turbinate reduction

I had a rhinoplasty, septoplasty, and turbinate reduction with Dr. Tamplen and it was a fantastic experience. It was my second septoplasty/turbinate reduction because the first one didn’t work (with a different doctor), and my first rhinoplasty...


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