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If when you look in the mirror you see tired eyes, sagging eyebrows and often the cause. When the eyebrows fall, the forehead can work extra hard to keep the eyes open, leaving excessive forehead wrinkles and making you feel tired at the end of the day. Dr. Tamplen provides the best brow lift in the Bay Area with an endoscopic approach to minimize scarring and provide a natural youthful result.

What Type of Brow lift?

Dr. Tamplen has extensive training in Endoscopic Brow lifting. This procedure allows for the best results with the smallest incisions and the shortest recovery.

Who is the right
patient for a brow lift in Scottsdale Arizona or Orinda California?

Some patients are born with low brows while others develop low brows overtime secondary to gravity and loss of skin tone with age. The forehead muscles fight the lower brow position leading to excessive forehead wrinkles, muscle tension, headaches, and the feeling of tiredness. Patients sometimes seek Botox therapy to treat these wrinkles but that can make the problem worse.

The answer lies in delicately elevating the brows to a more youthful, rejuvenated position permanently and allowing the forehead muscles to relax. This allows the brows to lift for a rejuvenated appearance. This does not cause the eyebrows to be in an unnatural state or look too elevated. Dr. Tamplen uses his extensive experience to elevate the brows into a natural position and simply take the weight off the upper eyelids. Dr. Tamplen uses and scientific and thorough approach to every patient in Scottsdale Arizona or the Bay Area, to ensure consistently elegant and natural results.

Tamplen Plastic Surgery Brow Lift

What Is Reco

very Like After a Brow Lift in Scottsdale
Arizona or
Orinda Cali


Dr. Tamplen’s expertise in minimally invasive Endoscopic Brow lifting provides the shortest recovery possible. Recovery time is typically 7-14 days.

During the first few days after a brow lift you should:

  • Use cold compresses to relieve swelling
  • Rest with your head elevated
  • Take medications to control discomfort
  • Avoid excessive motion or pressure to your incisions
  • Patients may experience itching and numbness that will lessen over time.

Incision lines from the procedure were delicately placed in the hairline for camouflage and will fade with time

Avoid sun exposure on the incisions for optimal scar outcomes.

Say goodbye to tired eyes and schedule a consult today to learn about Dr. Tamplen’s, scientific and thoughtful approach to rejuvenating the upper eyelids and forehead.


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