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What is

Otoplasty is the surgical procedure where the ears are reshaped, typically to reduce the amount the ear projects out from the head. Ears that overly protrude or appear large can unbalance the rest of the features and cause a distraction when looking at the face. Otoplasty, also called ear pinning, restores the ear to an ideal shape, size, and projection. This corrects imperfections for natural results.

The surgery can be performed on both adults and on children as young as 5 years of age. Commonly done in children, otoplasty can be a life-changing, stopping teasing and bullying in its tracks. For adults, otoplasty can reinstate facial symmetry and harmony. The surgery has a very high rate of patient satisfaction and can is frequently performed in combination with rhinoplasty, a facelift, or chin and cheek augmentation.

What are the Benefits of Otoplasty?

The reshaping of the ears, Otoplasty or Ear surgery is frequently performed for both children and adults reduce the size of protruding ears. Children benefit from this surgery, as it helps prevent the emotional difficulty that is often experienced as a result of being teased about their ears.

Dr. Tamplen’s otoplasty may include:

  • Re-shaping the ears
  • Altering the position of one or both ears
  • Pinning the ears back
  • Repairing earlobes

Why Choose
Dr. Tamplen for Otoplasty?

Dr. Tamplen is a nationally recognized double-board certified facial plastic surgeon. He specialized entirely on the face and had extensive experience with ear surgery. Dr. Tamplen focuses on reshaping the ear cartilage without any major cartilage cutting or removal to ensure smooth edges and long-lasting natural results. Dr. Tamplen has received numerous prestigious honors throughout his career, including the #1 score in the nation on the 2018 Facial plastic Surgery board exam. Dr. Tamplen uses only the most proven techniques, personalizing each procedure specifically to each unique patient. His goal is to provide an outstanding patient experience to every single patient.

Tamplen Plastic Surgery Otoplasty


Otoplasty patients can return to work or school in 1 to 2 weeks. During this time, exercise, sports, and other strenuous activities should be avoided.

Dr. Tamplen will go over specific aftercare instructions and recommendations for your specific type of ear surgery, both before the surgery and before you’re discharged.

Following surgery, you will have a bandage placed on the ears for a few days to help with swelling, healing, and to protect the area. It’s very important that these dressings aren’t removed until you return to our office.

It’s also important to keep pressure off the ears during recovery. This includes not sleeping on your sides.

Some patients experience discomfort, itchiness, swelling, numbness, and/or tenderness in the area, but these side effects are temporary.


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